The Report Card

I love looking at the little graphic on WordPress that colors in a square for every day I’ve posted in March.  I’m a pushover for that kind of scorekeeping.  As a kid, I’d jump through any hoop to get an A on my report card; I didn’t develop even a minimal ability to separate the worthwhile from the useless until I had my own classroom.  I’ve been keeping a bullet journal for a year now because I love writing my list and making little boxes to check off the day’s tasks, although I don’t put things on the list after I’ve done them.  I have a serious Fitbit habit.

I used to think it was sad to be so attached to my checklists and scores, but I’ve decided I like it.  In fact, it’s almost time to start the Summer 2016 list (paint front door, new living room curtains, . . . )


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