The Spring Catalog

It’s only been spring for three days, and two of them were bitter cold by South Carolina standards.  (Don’t laugh — 32 degrees?? On March 21?? When we were all wearing shorts and flipflops last week??)  But the yearly procession of spring flowers is well underway.  Walking around my neighborhood, I’ve seen:

  • Japanese magnolias — at least we call them that.  Big pinkish-mauve blossoms on leafless trees.  Often meet an early end at the hands of a late frost, but not this year.
  • Crocuses — a month ago or more?
  • Daffodils — three weeks or more of bright yellow soldiers in every yard.  Then we had our spell of flipflop weather, and they all collapsed from the heat.
  • Azaleas — they’ve been in bloom for a week or so and will linger for two weeks or more.  All sizes and shapes, each with its own timetable.
  • Flowering quince — Every year I resolve to plant one when I see those fragile coral blossoms on thorny stalks.  They belong in a Japanese print.  Then I forget . . .
  • Dogwoods — just starting to pop.  The blossoms  in their baby stage remind me of pearl buttons.
  • Redbuds — the mystery trees.  When they’re not in bloom, they’re completely nondescript.  Then for a couple of weeks a year they make magenta exclamation points in the still-leafless woods.  And then they vanish.
  • Wisteria — didn’t get what it wanted this winter.  It’s blooming now, but feeble little trickles, not lavender waterfalls of blossoms.
  • Dandelions and violets hiding in the grass.  Growing up a city kid, I thought dandelions were beautiful.  I still do.  How can you complain about something that gives you flowers whether you want them or not?

And much more to come.


One thought on “The Spring Catalog

  1. Sounds like many beautiful sights and smells to be had in South Carolina during springtime. We just got a huge winter storm yesterday! It is not uncommon, but we have such a mild spring and all the snow was gone! Thank you for sharing your sights and smells.


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