I’ve never had a nice matching set of coffee mugs.  I prefer my collection of one-of-a-kind (to put it charitably) memory-laden mugs.

Mugs from favorite places:  Zabar’s deli on the Upper West Side, a place I first knew as a young married New Yorker forty years ago, still going strong. (I guess that applies to Zabar’s and to me.) The white mug with the giant orange letters links me to those days.

Malaprop’s bookstore in Asheville, NC.  We never visit Asheville without a stop at Malaprop’s to browse, enjoy the bustle, envy the parade of great writers who read and sign books there.  The cup is super-thick, an old-fashioned diner style, with the red logo of a little girl reading in a big chair.

Mugs that fit one or more of my persnickety preferences:  tall rather than broad, not so huge that the coffee gets cold before you drink it, polka dots if possible, inside a different color from the outside.

And (a category all its own):  political mugs.  I only have one:  one side features President Obama’s birth certificate, the other side reads “Made in the USA.”  I’m a lifelong Democrat and proud of the Presidential candidates I’ve supported with my vote, but Barack Obama and his presidency have a special place in my heart.


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