There are slices and slices

Some days my slice of life feels thick and juicy, like the hefty cross-section of an orange in the SOL logo.  Some days, it’s more like wafer-thin ham from the deli, so insubstantial it crumples up on its own.  That’s how I feel today — not enough of me to go around.

Last night our local library sponsored a panel discussion by three people who work in children’s book publishing; the consensus of the panel was that anyone can become a published writer if he/she will commit to the work.  Inspiring, huh?

So today I decided to make time to work on the manuscript of the novel I wrote last November for NaNoWriMo.  It’s my practice piece; I’m trying to teach myself all the steps of novel writing on this project, which I’ll then hide in my closet while I try to transfer the skills to another, possibly marketable project.  Of course, in the meantime I’ve gotten attached to my characters and am having fun adding and rewriting scenes.  I’ve never found revision fun before, but I can while away a lot of time on this project.

Today I was determined to add some revisions to a scene, but I sat down at my laptop as if I were taking a keyboarding speed test, just trying to get that slice of my day done so I could . . . well, clean house, take the recycling, do my SOL, pick up prescriptions — a lot of little slices that, taken together, don’t amount to anything.

Tomorrow will be better!


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