A Sunday Slice

It’s Sunday afternoon in South Carolina:  blue skies, sunshine, a crock of daffodils on the dining room table where I’m working.  Spring is here, for at least part of every day; we wake up to temperatures low enough to ice the windshield, and by afternoon we’re thinking about turning on the air conditioning.

I spent the morning reading my students’ memoir drafts.  They’ve been working hard, and they’ve done some terrific writing.  Best of all, they are wonderful writing teachers for each other.  I keep finding little pencil notes in the margins, one student congratulating another on a turn of phrase, suggesting a better word, gently asking for more detail about some point.

We’ve been practicing “Silent Share” all year:  whenever we finish a piece, I collect all of the papers from both 6th grade sections.  Students pull out a stack of sticky notes and read each other’s work, leaving a personal, specific, positive comment for the writer.  I think these notes have helped them be specific and thoughtful when they read each other’s drafts.

Now to do the same for myself.




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